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Anyone else have Anna Kournikova on there background distracting them from getting anything done???
I have the Anna Kournikova red bikini pic and it's very distracting, It's hard to do any research with her on there, but I just can't seem to take her off. mmmm,mmm,mm
Ha that's funny. I used to but i had to delete it because i just stared at it.
Is a 32B "too small to matter"?
yesterday i was flirting with this guy. he looked at my chest and asked, "what's your bra size?" i answered "32B" and he said "too small to matter" and walked away.

this is what a 32B looks like in case you didn't know:
First of all, promise to everybody here you're not going to go under the knife or move to Japan to outsize the other boobs! Promise!
Second, remember that, as the beauty of one's chest can't be counted, giving numbers is tantamount to giving the stick to be beaten with. Why should bra size be known, if not to judge on that sole basis? It is of no interest, once you know that huge ones either sag or are hard like silicone. It is of no interest, once you know how superficial the size of the chest is in a love relationship, and how off-topic it is for getting it.
Last but not least, you have to know that young guys see boob jobs every now and then. Usually between hours 5pm-3am, very near from an electronic device. Whether they are utilitarians who see girls as a tool towards boob jobs and tit grabbing, or whether they are pure morons who think they can omit 95% of women, learn that those two categories are too stupid to matter.
Which body type looks the best?



Scarlett - healthy looking
Do guys care about girls having a V shape down there?
I'm not V-shaped like a lot of pictures that I see of girls wearing bikinis. Is it normal to be more U shaped down below?? For some reason, I think people will think that I'm loose because of my shape down there.


I am sure it wouldn't matter to them, all they are interested in, is if you have boobs or not.
Guys--Is a bra size 32B too small?
Here's an example of a 32B:…

That's what I am. I was thinking of getting a boob job to become either a 32C or 32D. Here's some more examples:



Please don't judge on the actual girl, judge on the breast size. Which is more appealing to you?
32B is a nice medium size on a petite body. But even if you're not petite, most guys *hate* fake breasts. There's an unnatural shape to them, they tend to have little or no sensation which takes a lot of the fun out of them (for the guy and woman), etc. Small and natural always beats big and fake.

Guys also have doubts about the confidence levels of a woman who would go and get fake breasts; it's just not a good statement about her personality, and IMO will attract the wrong sort of guy in terms of stable, long term relationships.

(Natural) larger breasts can be fun, and I won't lie and say Terri Hatcher's aren't nice. And I've seen some great 32D and 32DDs too, though I don't count Amy Winehouse among them because those are fake. (natural 32DD: )

But the best look for you is almost certainly to stick with what nature gave you. Be confident and enjoy the advantages of smaller breasts--you can get away with going braless once and a while, and they tend to be more sensitive than larger ones (even natural larger ones). And if you ever are in a position to try going topless at the beach, you'll find it favors small and medium breasts, since large ones tend to look best in a supportive bra/top.
So i am gonna show to You a little bit of my world?
you all now a lot about football but im gonna tell you a little bit of my world, im talking of tennis
these are the 5 most important things you have to know about tennis:





and finally the best:
5)… you like my sport?
i like tennis but not because of them.
it's just fun to play.
What bikini is nicest.?
which one would look hotest on me, heres a pic of my bodie
that is me
The on i think u should wear is the second one that is black or the orange one. I think they would really flatter u body shape. And make all the men look at u... Lol But try those. And i dont like the pink one it looks to 80's
Curvy legs vs. thin legs?
Curvy: thicker thighs, still toned
Thin: toothpick

Don't need to pick the better legs of the 4
just what you prefer....and this is what I'm reffering to by "thin/curvY"....

Curvy, no doubt.
Why do people think Danica Patrick exploits herself?
When her ads aren't even that bad? From the pictures I've seen, all she's doing is posing in bikinis and underwear in a sexy pose. They're quite classy compared to Megan Fox photos. She's saying not only that's athletic and strong, but she's also sexy. It's saying women can be sexy and touch. She has terrific body and I admire her muscular, but feminine built. And she's a good nascar driver. Maybe not the best, but she broke barriers for female drivers. People are like "Oh, she's such a slut in the Go Daddy ads". When all she does is watch the slutty women dance in front of her. And that shower one wasn't that bad because I bet she was wearing a strapless top or something. At least she doesn't show her boobs or ***. I do however am annoyed when people talk about Anna Kournikova and make comments like she's so hot and I want to screw her when I watch her tennis clips. Shouldn't she be seen as a talented tennis player than just a "hot blonde"?
Any time a female is both very good at something AND good looking, she is bashed. If she is just good looking, no problem. If she is very good at something but unattractive, no problem. It's quite fascinating actually. Remember Anna Kournakova? People talked about her like she couldn't play tennis a lick. And she was a professional at the highest level of tennis. And she didn't make it that far because she's a pretty little blonde. Same with Danica. Of course she's attractive and of course that helps her career immensely. There are millions of girls far more attractive than Danica but it doesn't mean they can hop in an Indy car and cut 215mph laps.
Which body type looks the best?



Scarlett has hips and looks healthy.

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