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How to say **** for mature women?
i am intrest for mature women for sex
... find them and flirt with them,

I cant help you in finding them
What the ****? Why don't girls like smart/mature guys? Do I even have a prayer?
Alright, so I'm fifteen, and I'm not trying to be cocky, I'm really not anything special, but I'm WAY smarter than pretty much anyone I know. I don't like the stupid humor they put on shows like family guy or whatever, I see the punchline long before it falls. I have a prodigious vocabulary, and I'm a whiz at calculus (I'm a sophmore, btw). I know a lot about whatever I get interested in, and I'm very artistic, even if I'm not a maestro by any stretch of the imagination. I couldn't care less about a girl's looks, as long as she's got a good personality, isn't a slut, and can carry on a decent conversation. I am in advanced-track classes with seniors, and I have almost straight A's, but I really don't talk to girls generally because when I do, it always ends up being a huge waste of time because girls apparently really don't like it when a guy is smarter than them and more mature than them.

Also, everyone who says "dude, you're just fifteen just wait, things get WAY better in college" can shut the **** up, first of all, as much as girls improve get when you get to college, really, don't the guys improve too? and if so, won't everything be just as bad as now? additionally, I've talked to college girls, they're all the same as before, they can't think about anything other than clothes and hair. They're all brainless morons, or at least all that I've talked to.

Also, to those who say "there are lots of ways of being smart other than school," yes, I know, school and standardized tests are useless trash, and I'm smart in many, many other ways, I can predict people's actions, I know how to finish a person's sentence before they do, and I have predicted the future with startling accuracy. I like to think about things a lot, and that's what I spend most of my time doing, but apparently no one else in high school has a ******* BRAIN.

Please, just tell me, if everyone is so turned off by the fact that I possess a brain, and so there's really pretty much no chance I'm going to ever pass my genes on to the next generation, should I just ******* kill myself, because it's not like life is actually worth anything outside of sex, so should I just go?
Despite your assurances that you weren't "trying to be cocky", you come across as a douchebag.

Girls don't dig self-centered assholes.

Was that the advice you were seeking?
How can i be more mature? my immaturity is killing my life style.?
i do good dating younger females 17 18 im 19 but i met this girl she 21 she fine as hell, we talking but sometimes i do immature stuff and i dont wanna **** up i want her bad. please help me.
control words, action. think thru b4 utterance. read www.virtuesproject.com to get confidence
This girl lied to me about being pregnant. Would it be fair/justified/mature/hilariou… to lie back to her?
I want to tell her that I got tested and have hep, just to **** with her. How funny of a prank would this be. I was a mess all of last week when she said she was pregnant, I think its only fair to get her back and convince her to get tested herself. On a scale from 1-10, how funny would it be?
I agree with understanding 12's answer. Teach her a lesson because that's not cool what she did and maybe she'll think twice about pulling a dumb prank like that on anyone else. I say 10
Will one Watson 749 pill get you high for the first time?
I only have one. So will i be able to get high with one? What is the best way to take the pill? Snorting or just eating it? Thanks. And please, mature answers. No answers saying this is bad for me, otherwise **** off.
Let me start by saying those are one of my favorite pills. lol... That said, you should not consume that. You should have done your research. You shouldn't ask stuff here and I understand why you haven't gotten any answers but whatever I'll answer to the best of my knowledge. Watson 749 is (Acetaminophen/Oxycodone) but ima assume you already knew that. Best way to take the pill??? Well that's a rather retarded question. I mean the pharmaceutical companies created pills to be taken via?.... Ima let you think for a second.... By mouth obviously. If you snort it you are just an imbecile... Snorting Tylenol is not umm wise.... Eat it?? Lol wtf, i'm assuming you mean chew it. And umm whatever prepare for some bitterness. And for what? Maybe if you eat it the effects will hit 2 minutes earlier then it was supposed to... Whatever ima answer your questions now.
Snort it: Hell no; Eat it: No; Swallow it with some sort of fluid like water: Yes;
And the ultimate answer... Would it get you high: Hardly doubt it. If you were a female weighing less then like 130 you might feel some good strange feeling. However, one of those pills is a very effective pain killer so i wouldn't waste it unless i had some sort of bad pain. Watson 749 contains 5mg of oxycodone in case you didn't know. A first time Opiate (pain killer drug) user would probably get high off 10mg of oxycodone. So... You'll need two of those white round pills. 15mgs would get high for sure. 20mgs will hit you hard for sure. I wouldn't advise anything over 30mg for first time users. Keep in mind that each pill contains 325mg of acetaminophen and someone shouldn't take more than 1000mgs of that in a dosage. And if you consume 4 grams (4000mgs) of acetaminophen it's considered liver toxicity. Tylenol overdose or whatever. And idk how much you've learned in health class, anatomy and physiology, but your liver is very important. That's why the best pill are OxyContin! Pure oxycodone! And they go up to 80mgs in one single tablet!
Whatever you need any more info just message me.... I like these types of questions...
Woman walking down the street with a santa outfit on at the beginning of November?
I've never seen anything so crazy in all my 'fuff'. After doing my weekly shop in a well know store , upon coming out , I saw a middle-aged lady wearing a Santa Outfit and very high heals on. Beside her were two guys wearing 'elf' things on. One fella uttered " What the **** is that?" .My point being , is this sort of frivilous and guyish carry on mature?
She may have lost her dignity but she still has her 'elf.
Why does yahoo answers sensor my language?
Aren't we mature enough to read words like:

****, ****, ***, *****, cock, dick, ****, pussy, clit, ****, asshole, and many variations of each?

Don't you have to be of the age of majority to use yahoo answers?

This question is just to humour myself and see which words were actually sensored... and to see if anyone feels me.
Exactly. I don't know why the **** yahoo ******* censors our god damn ************* *********** words. ****.
I am 25 after huge below job & **** activities I became impontent any body have the right way of treatment?
Nocturnal Emotion is occurring, pre mature educalation ect my body becomes so much week after deseas any body help me
Sounds aweful, better go and see a doctor dam fast
**** buddies, good idea to loose your virginity?
Okay so I'm only fifteen but im sixteen in december and there's this guy who's the same age, he goes to an all boys school only fifteen minutes away from my school which is a mixed school. I've known him since fireworks night last year, and we have been distant friends for about 8 months and then just over a month ago we started talking again properly, he's very attractive and I'd say so am I. i'm REALLY not the relationship type unlike my friends and every other girl i come across. I'm very mature for my age and I always get asked if I'm older. So I've been thinking about losing my virginity for a LONG time now, I'd say since i was thirteen as my best friend at the time had been sexually active, which still makes my skin crawl now. So I just wanted to ask all the people who have lost their virginity, is it really worth waiting for a relationship if I'm going to be waiting for a long time. I feel comfortable around this guy and feel he may just be the one. I don't want any stupid comments, remember I'm new to all this so tell me honestly and don't say that cliche rubbish about 'wait for the right one' because I'm not going to listen. And don't worry I know where the clinic is:')
So yeah just give me your opinion on a fifteen year old having a **** buddy?

And I do realize how trampy this sounds, but trust me I've heard A LOT worse.
honestly i dont think 15 year olds having sex is a very good idea.
just wait until you're in a relationship with someone and you feel ok with it.
You don't need to wait till you get married, that's dumb, but i think you should wait until you find someone you can trust and know well enough so that if something happens they aren't going to just run for the hills and leave you there holding a guy. (it happens, and its sad and tragic when it does)
Hope that helps.

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