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Gay Seduction. Are there articles concerning the art of GAY seduction?
Im a gay 20 y.o from the Philippines. I have read in many articles in books and magazines about the art of seduction. But usually these only addresses men and/or women.
There's this article i read in cosmo about how to seduce a radom guy. Sure it may work for women but for gay men i think all we would get is a beating( if we apply the moves to the wrong guy) !
I hope you could suggest books or articles about how to spot if a man is up for a gay relationship and the art of GAY seduction....
Yes, it's called shoving your dick in a gay dudes face.
Is there a Gay Seduction Expert?
You guys have probably seen folks like Tommy Orlando or Mystery, who claim to be able to meet/date/pickup tons of women. They both have books and Mystery even has a TV show.

My question -- is there a gay pickup artist who is well known?
ME!!!! nah my guess is if there was he would be WAY too busy picking up and such to talk about it.

anyway i doubt if there was main stream society (the straights) would let ANYONE talk about it.
Gay Seduction Tips For Guys??
Tell us your seduction tips :P.
hmm... if there is a little wind, you can stand close to someone and wear a very good cologne (for example the one that you think most people like) and let him feel. thats what I could think of this second. I dont think it will work on everyone. for some people that previous answerers method will work better. who knows

Gay Student2Teacher Seduction Tips!?
I really like my teacher, hes gay. But how do I seduce him into wanting me considering he fact im a Student.

Please Help :P.
If you really like him and care about him don't seduce him because he WILL lose his teaching license forever.
Isnt "gay rights" really all about gaining access to guyren for seduction into homosexuality?…
You are a sick, sick man.

Nobody can be "seduced" into homosexuality. You either are, or you are not. It's not a perversion, or a sickness. It is the way God created some. Even Christ recognized this in Matthew 19:12.
Do you think if gay individuals did a better job seducing straight people, gay marriage would be legalized?
Since the opposition doesn't believe that they are born gay, doesn't that mean that it should be easy enough to get voters with Satans powers of seduction. I think the gay community just needs to start sleeping with straight people until they get a majority.......starting with me.....oh wait, I already vote for people to have basic freedoms.
Well I do have some serious powers of seduction... *raised left eyebrow*
How can i turn a gay man straight using my good looks, charm, and seduction?
alright, since god has been playing a nasty trick on me and making me only attracted to gay guys, ive decided to turn things around on him by making some of these homosexual hotties... straight! =D

thats right, im going to turn at least one of them into a womanizing, sexist, full-fledged heterosexual male. then im going to make him my bf and live happily ever after. ill take that rainbow and straighten it into a direct line.

so, um, before i find my first target and begin my plan, any tips? =]
haha good luck.... you're gonna need it.
I came across a book entitled the art of seduction.. will it apply to gays or lesbians?
i didn't purchase the book.
Whilst I doubt it will have a specific section, I don't see why it wouldn't. Lesbians and Gays are just like everyone else right?
Sexy seductions to do to my girlfriend? For gay and strate people to answer..Thankss?
ok so my girlfriend is my first girlfriend ever. im a girl jus to let u kno.and i need tips on sexy things to do for her such as stripping and masturbating. anyways. can yall jus give me tips on things to do for and to her.

plz give good answers and i will try to return the favor by answering yalss questions. thanks <3
First off there nis no such word in the english language spelled "Strate"
it is spelled "STRAIGHT"...LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

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