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I think this is stereotype since I never hear it in my school...but Asian girls are hot?
I'm just wondering out of curiosity....also because I am part Asian (Japanese) but I was just hanging out with my friends yesterday, and one of them called her boyfriend, who gave all of his friend's numbers to us for some reason? And so we were all talking with different people...and my other friend got mad at me because the guy she was talking to, who apparently she liked, said he liked me because Asian's are hot.

I feel guilty because that's the first time I've actually heard about that particular stereotype, and I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and my school doesn't seem to feel that Asian's are particularly exotic or anything, because I really don't think we are! ( I think Native Americans are :) )
But I'm just wondering, does anyone really think that? Because I've had a crush on this guy for a while now, so I might be able to boost up my confidence, and make up with my friend??? It would be nice to think I'm just not some smarty, small, shy girl!!!

Thank you for listening! I think that was actually long!!!?
It depends; there are beautiful people in every race. And no, that's not really a stereotype...more like his personal preference.

A lot of Americans do find Asians (especially the Japanese) above average in looks. Probably because you guys are healthier, thinner, and just different looking in general.
Would You Date A Hot Asian Girl?
Soo I'm not fully Asian I'm half and my dad is half English and Half New Zealand. At my school tons of guys said Im the hottest girl they've ever seen with a nice body but wouldn't go out with me cuz i'm asian would you? PLease give your honest opinion I won't get offended. :)
Date me, date me date me!!!!!!
Are most asian girls in your school emo/scene?
In my high school, almost all of them are emo and scene. They really disgust me make me look really bad. I am an jock type asian guy and I always see these other asian guys and girls who are running around with super tight jeans and died hair in crazy colors and piercings all over their faces. Seriously, why they want to be emo?. Finding
a hot asian girl in my school is like 1 out of 1 million chances, so I have decided to want to date a latina or white girl.
and why would you want to be jock? scene and emo guys are usually to themselves, but are able to converse with those outside of their clique. jocks only talk to other jocks, and they only date abercrombie sl*ts with the fakest orange tans daddy can buy.
SMOKING HOT girl at my school (GUYS HELP!!!)?
so i started school today (im a sophmore in highschool) and when i went to my P.E. class i find out that theres this super hot asian chick in my class but shes a freshman.

and after class i heard a lot of the guys talking about her saying that they were gonna try and make a move on her or something and some of the guys were juniors........... How do i stand out from the rest of the guys? she didnt even look at me once.....

advice ppl
Ok no joke i had a similar situation. Just walk up and say "Hey whats going on, Im <Insert Name Here>
How can i get hot asian girls?
i am not an asian guy, but would like a hot asian girlfriend. I know some of the are extremely ugly [the one with dark skin and flat face]. But i really want a hot asian girl like this. omg, hawt!!!……

any clues to help me out. because, there is a few asian in my school that look like the girl in the links. Thanks
Lose weight , get some education , College minimum , be good looking person .
Probably you will never have even Asian friend , because I see you have wrote " I know some of the are extremely ugly " . With this way of thinking you will have fat local woman to end your life .
Honesty .
Potomac maryland winston churchill high school hot girls?
r there lots of hot girls (asians) tha goes to winston churchill?
Hot girl at school that i like?
ive been liking this really hot girl at my school for a couple of months now, before the summer and now back again
the problem is, i have no way to talk to her, shes a grade below me, but we're roughly the same age(i have a december birthday)
i have no classes with her and it would be kind of creepy in my opinion if i just started talking to her as a stranger

another problem is because shes so attractive, and everybody thinks so, she flirts around with all the boys, the lacrosse team, the football team, everyone
it makes it a bit uneasy for someone like me when she can probably have anyone she wants

the problems goes on too
recently i asked a friend of mine who knows her on advice on what i should do, and he said i should give up because shes white.
I asked what does that have to do with anything, and he said white girls dont go for Asian/Native Americans(like myself)

so yea, he wasnt too much help either
any of you have any advice on what to do?
just stat off by saying hi and your name and if she wants to be friends with you if she starts to flirt with you a lot then she likes you trust me i should know. And i think you friend is wrong looks don't mater so after you get to know her then ask her out.
Why is being an asian bisexual hot girl such a turn on? (guys please)?
Random guys at school come up to me and ask me out...i don't know what to say to that because i think their only attracted to me because i'm bi.
Men love bi women. They are thinking of three- somes and all sorts of kinkiness. They are probably hoping you are easy and they will get some.
I am not saying that you are, they may just assume. Maybe your really cute. Anyway, make a guy get to know you first and work for you attention and affection. Only the ones who truly like you will. Good luck and beware of the creeps!
Wuld u loose respect for a hot girl in ur clas if u see her hanging out only with differ races besides her own?
Like if the school is full of asian and whites
and you see a hot asian girl hanging with only whites, would u loose respect for her?- even if u have non respect in the first place?

how about if it was your girl cousin who hangs around with a bunch of asian girls (but acts white and talks about white guys all the time)
Would u not look at her the same way again? or you woudnt be bothered?
people need to calm down. he means that would you be bothered if someone you know hangs out with people of another ethnicity because they dont like their own? would you be annoyed at seeing a random asian among a certain group, and i mean the only one there because they dont want to hang with people of their own race? it's not like he's saying for people to hang out with people their own race.

because if you say you're not then i better not see you going around complaining about how asian girls try to get with white guys and stuff.
It's come ugly asian girl looks hot/sexy to westerners?
it's come ugly asian girl looks hot/sexy to westerners?
Question Details:i've noticed that, in my school it seems like white guys prefer the "not so good looking" asian girl ( well, at least in asian standard) over the pretty asian ones?!
Could be be that what you said is the reason: "In Asian standards over the pretty ones" really means that they may look more Westerner than Asian be it dark or white skinned.

I have always have thought that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if it is in the eye of the race of the person. Maybe even the white guys like the Asian girls to have a little of Westerner look to become hot and exotic.

What may be ugly to an Asian male may be beauty to the eye of a Westerner male due to perception. Also, what is ugly to an Westerner male in terms of Westerner women may be beauty to the eye of an Asian male. It goes both ways and this I have noticed.

That is about the best I can explain it. Does not make sense but there it is.

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