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Does anyone else enjoy Japanese Adult Videos?
i must say that Japanese porn is so much more imaginative than american porn. i was watching a video of a japanese girl who was working in a public hamburger stand, serving customer, but she was being fondled from behind from a guy who is unseen by customers, and she struggled to keep her composure. this is great stuff! makes lots of american adult stuff look boring.
Those Japanese are very creative!
Where can I find a large selection of adult japanese videos?
by adult i mean XXX.
Do you like Japanese or Chinese Adult Video?
I am Chinese boy.
I really like Japanese Adult Video.
Japanese girls are cute and sexy.

i can't stop downloading AV from internet.
Hmmmm... sounds intriguing!

Gonna have to try myself some of this!
Is it legal to import Japanese AV ( Censored Adult videos) to Australia?
If I purchase them online via yesasia.com.
What website can i watch japanese free adult video streaming?
it should be whole movies,and new models.
I would like to know if japanese adult video star Erika Nagai (Saori Fujimoto) has retired or is still active?
Erika Nagai is an adult video star from Japan. She has worked under that name for the Soft On Demand company, working as a karate fetishist. She has used other names such as Sapri Fujimto on other companies. Her video for Soft On Demand is sold a t jlist.com and her page on Wikipedia is the following: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erika_Nagai

It remains unknown if she has retired or not. Also if possible, I would like to know if she actually does practices martial arts.
She is still active on my TV! ;)
Do you know any sites similar to rlslog.net or scenereleases.info but has a list of adult videos? tnx.?
i have been searching for some sites similar to this.
i have found site but only posts japanese videos.
can anyone suggest some sites that has a list of release english adult videos.
Where can I find a video of the japanese adult anime BlackWidow by Excalibur Films?
It is not a new japanese adult anime film. It is a classic one and should not be confused with the recent japanese anime with the same title. In the English dubbed version, the name of the main character was Virginia.
Do you like Asian Adult Videos?
In particular, Japanese or Chinese Adult Videos?
Asians always look and act like small guyren so it looks like age porn. Seeing as though I don't find guyren sexually attractive, I find it difficult to watch Asians adult videos.
Where can you download, through membership, lots of Japanese Lesbian adult video?
aside from

ACTIONJAV.com. This is a great site with tons of full dvd. Yeah in RM format but that's ok cause downloads are fast and it's awesome. Except for fact that they always update straight porn and never, or almost never the Lesbian section.

Is there any other site like this but with more lesbian dvd?

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