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All Comments

I am new to the gay leather scene and need to know where to start meeting others?
I am have a partner whom isn't into leather but lets me have friends with benefits. I want to know where to start meeting people of the same interests. I want to put my fine a** on the market.
i'll decide on how fine that is joey... ;-)
try craigslist baby...
Why are men in leather considert gay?
hee guys, i listnen to Manowar but why do people call them gay just becouse they wear leather?
You're calling the Hells Angels gay? Can I be on your life insurance policy?

I guess that makes Joan Jett a lesbian.
If I walk into a police station with a leather gay suit on with valentine candy and flowers and give them>>
to the desk sgt. I tell him they are for him and That I think he is moncho and I just stand there looking at him up and down. Can they force me to leave and what can they charge me with if I don't? ( I don't even know him )
There is a specific offence causing a disturbance in a police station in the UK, it would probably make him the laughing stock of the station.

Is that the desired effect.
Do black jeans go with the gay leather culture?
I'm so sick of blue and I was told to ask. So I did.
Yes - red ones too I'd imagine.
How are gay leather bars in los angeles like?
like people is it for hook ups or what?
They are for hookups, to be seen, and to hang around with friends.

Just like almost any other bar or club.
The metallic leather vests that some gay guys(usually dramatically involved with fashion) wear?
Where can I get them?!
Like you know, the vests that a lot of gay guys where with nothing under it? Like just the vest by itself?
That sounds like something American Apparel has.
Why do gay men wear those black leather 'armstraps' when having sexual relations?
i keep seeing gay men wearing these leather armstraps - what is the function of these, and do you wear one?
I have never worn one and never intend to. Neither has any of my gay friends.

The leather 'straps' and other accessories you seem to be talking about is worn by people who indulge in S&M - Gay or straight. Because there are MORE straight people than gay, therefore there are more straight people enjoying S&M.

The leather straps is definitely not a 'gay' thing.
I am wearing leather pants out to a gay bar what should i wear?
i have a black satin shirt or red satin shirt.
should i wear leather boots or dress shoes.

i also have a collar that says slave or daddy's boy
what should i wear.
Take the shirt off, substitute a leather harness instead or go bare chested,wear the collar of your choice, and dont forget the leather boots!!!

*kitty purss at you*

I bet you will look stunning!!

Edit--James.."puto" means f*g in spanish...not a good choice of word to share in this room. Your mom must chase sailing ships if you talk that way!!!!
Are leather cuff bracelets gay?
I just read something that says leather cuff bracelets for guys are gay. Are they?

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