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My nice is 8yrs old, and thanks to a stupid teacher she peed her pants in front of the whole class?
Im a so mad. My niece is a well behaved honors guy and she asked a few times for permission to go to the restroom. Finally she couldnt hold it no more and pee infront of her whole class. I'm furious. What can i do. I'm in the military trying to defend our freedom, and that freedon is denied to her and now she be scared for the rest of her life. Any suggestions as to what to do her where to complain about this teacher.
I appreciate the frustration of being too far away to help your daughter.

I am a teacher and must tell you that if every guy was allowed to go to the bathroom, no one would be in class. The teacher has to make a judgment call, and try to train the students to go when it is the right time to go. Causing a guy to wet themselves or worse, in class is a problem for everyone. It is sad this happened, and a message to the principal that action will be taken if this happens again is sure to incourage the teacher to pay better attention to your daughter's needs.

Also, Thank you for protecting us from the bad guys.
My girlfriend has bladder control problems. She peed her pants in the car today. How can I help her?
I really love her and I felt so bad for her. Please help!
Tell her to make sandwiches.
Who was the little girl who peed her pants in Grey's Anatomy Season Three?
i want to know her name and has she been in anything else
The actress is called Madison Leisle

She's been in The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, Maro, Love's Abiding Joy, Shades of Grey and The Studio

but i don't know how major those roles were
Should i be worried if my 17yo peed her pants at walmart?
She said she felt horny and she was too cool to use the restroom.
no you shouldnt be worried it was just an accident. . too cool though? haha wow .
My daughter is 2 1/2. Can she develop a complex from people asking her if she has peed her pants?
She doesn't want anything to do with the potty yet and she is still waking up soaked. I feel she's not ready yet, but outside family members keep pressing the issue with her. I don't want her to feel bad about herself.
I have three year old twin daughters and I struggled with potty training for almost a year. Everyone thought they should be on track with their cousin who is a month younger than them. I had to sit my family down and tell them NOT to scold them when they wet their pants and sometimes they wanted to swat em for accidents. It was a tough thing for me, but when my daughter cried on the potty because she wet and told me it was all her fault, I put the stop on it. I heard it a million times, but it is true...she will do it when she is ready-have patience and remember that your stress will emanate to her, so relax and let her be a guy!
If a girl peed in her pants through spnadex into black jeans at full blst for 4 seconds how wet would she be?
If a girl peed in her pants through spnadex into black jeans at full blst for 4 seconds how wet would she be?
Dunno, but thanks for the free points!
What do I do when my worst enemy Grandma Shell pees her pants in public?
Well, you see, Grandma Shell is a very mean elderly woman, she contributed to my mother's depression, and right now we are at a dinner party and she just peed her pants...
She came to the party with you, so right now it looks like your responsible for her. get her clothes to change into and take her home. Get her out of there as fast as you can so she doesn't make a crowd and embarrass you more. Good Luck!!!
My three year old daughter has peed in her pants 3 times today, any suggestions?
She usually doesn't do this, and I know it can be for attention. We have put her in time out the first time, threatened to put a diaper on her the second time, now she is wearing a diaper. She has been potty trained for a year now, any suggestions about what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Let it go for awhile. She know that you really don't want her to do this. She have found something that she can control. Time out won't work. It is not a logical or natural consequence. Make sure she is wearing clothing that she can easily take on and off by herself. Put her in underwear. When she pees her pants, hold her fully responsible. Say "It looks like you need to change." Say nothing more than that. She has to clean the wet underwear, put them and the wet clothes in the laundry, wipe, put on clean underwear and clothing, clean up any wet area. She will soon find it is easier to use the bathroom. Good luck!
My friend peed her pants??
Ok me and my friend Polly are in ICT at school right now (I don't know what time it is in your country but here it's the morning) and she has just peed her pants. She hasn't told anyone apart from me that she's peed because she's embarrassed but now she needs to poop but she's worried that if she stands up everyone will see the wet patch so she can't ask. What should she do? She's really upset.
Aww man . . . well don't tell anyone, but I've done that in gym once. Mhmm.

Well, I'd recommend wrapping some cloth around her waist and getting her excused to the bathroom ASAP.
How can i get my teacher to pee her pants in middle of class?
i hate my teacher and if she has an accident during class i will be happy cuz i once peed my pants in her class cuz she didn't let me go to the bathroom.
i can think of three things that would prob. will work ... most likely not

1)do something stupid
2) talk about water a lot after she has her coffee/red bull/water
3)do the absolute oposit of what she thinks that you are going to do ... then snap and do num. 1

well i had enugh brain storming but i did enough i hope u do ... it would be a day that you prob. will never forget ... and the school would prob. hail u as a hero or something

©, peed her pants