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Can women have sex during pregnancy? What will happen if husband ejaculate inside his pregnant wife?
If the husband ejaculates inside the women, the semen will flow to her ovary again and the semen will mix with the baby/foetus ?

Therefore , can pregnant women have sex life? Can husband ejaculate inside his wife ( any problem with that ) ?

if she really pregnant nothing happen the man can ejaculate inside all he want lol
How do pregnant women have sex?
I mean, does it push the baby up or something. Also, wouldn't it be very uncomfortable? About how many preganant women have sex during their pregnancy?
same way as everyone else....penis in the vagina. after a while doggystyle works best to avoid the "speed bump". they say after the 8th month sex can induce labor, so be carefull!
How Often R U Pregnant Women Having Sex?
I am asking this because I know several men that say they dont want to have sex with their women once they start showing? And really loose all interest in sex other than masterbation. R U pregnant ladies getting satisfied...Really??
he can't get enough...we're making woopie more now than ever....I've always heard men say they think pregnant women are sexy...
Can a pregnant women do sex during pregnancy?
i don't know a women can do sex when she is pregnant. if she cant do sex, how can she fulfill her sex need? i want this answer.
most women can have sex during pregnancy. But sometimes it can be dangerous, For high risk ladies. But usually its fine. BUT if bleeding happens after sex DONT do it again until you have spoken to your DR.
As for for filling her needs...WELL....sometimes we just have to do what needs to be done for our baby's. I am not allowed to have sex during pregnancy and my partner and i have a health sexual relationship normally :)). But we know the risks and stop while im pregnant for the sake of our baby.
What do you think about pregnant women using sex toys?
okay, i'm 23 weeks pregnant & extremely horny ALL the time. my fiance is working two jobs, one during the day, & one at night. so that's leaving us hardly any time for sex. so i decided that i was gonna see about getting a sex toy or two. i went in the adult store & people looked at me like i was crazy for being pregnant & in there. i felt so awkward. is there something wrong with using sex toys while your pregnant?
Pfft...**** them.
You deserve to have your enjoyment! There is nothing wrong with it.
Do pregnant women still have sex?
Do pregnant women have sex with her husband, or anyone actually?
yes, all the way up to birth. My doctor told me to have more sex my last month to get labor started.
Can a man feel difference when having sex with a pregnant women compared to one who is not pregnant?
is there a way to tell when having sex weather a women is pregnant.
No. Not on the inside, however. I'd imagine they can tell there's a little more belly and bust in the way, though.
My brother is having sex with a pregnant women for money?
He is 17, I dnno what age she is but she's old about 30 or something, he said that her husband is away all the time so she never gets sex so she is all over him and she pays him $20 for sex, which is double what he normally gets for just doing the gardening.

Are pregnant women's hormones so messed up they would have sex with a 17 year old boy?
You need to report that woman. Your brother may think it's cool or something since he's earning money on top of that, but he's prostituting himself out to her and he's a minor. All of this is wrong on so many levels. This whole situation needs to end one way or another.
Pregnant women, sex while pregnant question?
Okay this is TMI I know but I went to the doctor and all my test came back great as far as STD's go but Ive been on here and seen a lot of women hurt after sex or start to have yeast infections and such. I am afraid to let my husband come in me now that I am pregnant, do you think it will be okay?
yes its fine, your just more likely to get an infection during pregnancy, its normally a UTI though and it will be treated straight away with tablets

dont worry about the sex, its perfectly fine
Why do men like to have sex with pregnant women?
Are pregnant women sexy? Has any men been attracted to a pregnant woman?
I always thought some men found pregnant women more attractive (especially if they are married, or living together) because of the fact in knowing your wife is carrying your guy. Also because of the extra hormones, they make woman glow, they make her secrete more pherenomes, overall most woman feel really sexy during their second trimester....who wouldn't be turned on by a sexy, confident, barely showing pregnant lady?

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