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What is it with all these women school teachers having sex with their students?
All I remember of the teachers when I was in school was that they were all blue haired old hags and uglier then crap.
It's more in the news these days, but not brand new stuff.

I saw this happen in the 40s.

One thing that may be occurring stems from the fact that teacher's union tends to protect more teachers from prosecution, and the they just move on, especially among males.

Recently, Readers Digest published an article addressing this very subject and how rampant the protection has become.
Too many schools do NO background checks on new hires, who often have a past history of abuse.
What are your thoughts on how to deal with high school teachers who sympathize with sex offenders?
I'm all for free speech, but when a person says they are a High School English Teacher, do they have the right to openly speak out in defense of a convicted sex offender to their students & to others? Should these types of teachers have mental health evaluations? As a parent & a former victim of abuse, I am interested to hear how others think regarding this very serious subject.
I don't know the situation you are referring to, so I feel like there could be reasoning behind this. Sympathizing with a sex offender who was also a victim of sexual abuse could make sense. Not obsolving them of their crime, but suggesting that they are ill could be okay. In the case that the sex offender was convicted, but the teacher believed they were innocent, I could see that as being risky from a professional standpoint, but not an ethical one. The idea of giving a teacher a mental health evaluation doesn't really sound to exciting to me, because unless on is severly unstable, I believe they could easily pass a mental health evaluation. If they are severly unstable...I would like to hope a school administrator would risk the bad press and possible law suit and force the teacher to take a leave of absence. As scary as this may sound...forcing someone to undergo evaluation could set the school up for bigger problems. If the teacher passed the evaluation and were infact mentally ill, you have legally allowed them to remain in their position. If they didn't pass the evaluation but underwent some mandatory training or treatment, you would have no choice but to keep the staff member on staff and you finding a reason to fire them could have nothing to do with being mentally incompetent.

I also do not believe teachers should keep their opinions to themselves, but should allow an open atmosphere and curriculum to have everyone share opinions. Certain subjects need opinion in them to really teach and get one interested. The teachers tests and grading should not reflect the students ability to reiterate a teachers opinion, but it should reflect the students grasp for the subject from all aspects.

"edit" I agree, the response you posted making reference to a one time slip up with a granddaughter is a little disturbing. I do not know if you communicated with this person outside of Answers, but I feel the need to say that based on the answer she/he gave we could assume she/he had some misconception of appropriate conduct with guyren. However, we could also be jumping to conclusions...perhaps this person was that grandaughter and called her abuse a one time slip up so the she/he could cope with it. Perhaps the person is struggling to deal with the abuse that occured to their guy or spouse. Perhaps the person was trying to get you riled up. Or perhaps the worst scenerio is the correct scenario. We can not be 100 percent sure of anything in this type of forum.

I do agree that ideally this is not the person I want teaching my guy (no matter what the scenario.), but there really is no way to determine what is behind this persons response...unless he/she decided to tell you. We put our faith in school administrators keeping our guyren safe, and we do our best to keep our guyren close enough to us so that we can determine when things aren't right. You got a feeling about this person that made you believe something was quite right and you acted upon it in probably the only way you could. Try and have a little faith that if something is in fact not right...someone else will feel what you felt and that someone will have more of an ability to do something about it.
Are school teachers required to notify parents if a guy is a sex offender?
I am doding a paper on juvenile sex offender and trying to write on how the stigmatization aspect affects their lives. If a guy under 14 is labeled a sex offender, obviously the community must be notified and all the steps of a grown up must be takes. As far as school goes, do teachers have to inform parents that there is a sex offender now in their guy's class?
since guyren under 14 are seen as victims not predators you have nothing to worry about

no the school is not required to notify you
why make the guys life harder
guys under 14 have no concept of sex or sex acts get a clue
some guys over 10 have sex but it doesnt mean they have any clue what they are doing
In a same sex school should the teachers all be of the same sex?
Should the teachers at an all girls school all be female? and Vice versa for all boys schools? Why or why not?
No, I don't see the need for same sex teachers just because all the students are of one particular sex. The All Girls School and All Boys School are designed that way for reasons but one of them is not to alienate you from the fact that there are other genders. In fact, more to do with taking away one particular distraction, but of course, a teacher "can be" a distraction.
Female high school teachers having sex with their male students ?
Where were these teachers when I was in school ? , I had some real hot teachers :))
i know man i feeel the same way,,,, but i think they only do it with the students that are brave enough to approach them in a sexual way,, then make them feel nice young n sexy again,,,
i wish i could relive my high school days,, bcuz i would certainly make some changes,, lol
How common are non-sexual same-sex crushes on school teachers amongst teenagers?
Knowledge, own experience, or stories please? :)
I think non-sexual same-sex crushes are fairly common in any situation involving teen-agers.
What do you think of grade school teachers having sex with their students?
some of these teachers are good looking and could get most men some are married1.moms2.dads
Bad teacher apple!
We now hear stories about the school teachers having sex with the students,which ANGERED me,because....?
why the Heck wouldnt OUR teachers have sex with US?! LOL
In Jr.Highschool we ALL wanted to have sex with Ms.Smalls,...she was Young AND pretty! (and 1 or 2 other teachers....all the other ones was mean Old,and ugly.)But we just KNEW that that wasnt gonna REALLY happen!
OUR Teachers Just WOULD NOT have sex with us!Neither in Jr. High nor in Highschool!
Now why are the Young Hot Sexy teachers givin it up NOW?! Where was these sexy teachers at when I was in school????????
Best friend trying to have sex with high school male teachers.?
I got a friend who is 16 and have a lot of sexual thoughts about high school male teachers. She tell me who she likes and tell me that she took a pictures of her naked and planning to show them those pictures. help
Tell her mother. I mean, your friend will hate you for it, but she can't get into a mess like that. That would just be bad news.

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