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Would black tights and black knee boots be proper with this combo?
OK picture schoolgirl/uniform plaid in navy blue and dark green in a skirt that is just at the knee.....with a cream sweater with navy trim that matches the skirt? Now would black tights and the black knee boots go with this or does it need navy tights and some other shoes? Thanks
I think high heel pumps would look better than the boots
What should i wear to a party that's schoolgirl themed?
the party is the day after tomorrow and i have only just found out that it's school themed! any ideas on what i should wear? i don't really like showing off bare legs, so what could i wear with black tights that schoolgirl themed? also what hairdo would be good? thanks everyone!
Top: White polo w/ cardigan…

(get rid of belt)…

What should I wear with a black and blue pleated mini skirt?
The skirt is a blue and black pleated mini skirt (like the schoolgirl style). I have black thigh high tights, and a nice blue shirt. What shoes should I wear with it? I like wedges and pumps, but I don't know if they would look good and if they would, what color?
Black ballet flats:…

Funky Mary-Jane:…

Black boots:…

Black wedge:…
Naughty schoolgirl outfit?
Like one i can put together?

I don't have any plaid skirts.

Pics would be helpful!

Not for halloween, for a themed party..



( i was thinking getting black tights and ripping them up - good? )
black ripped tights would be great, along with a skirt with holes in them (you can find some at american eagle)

Is this outfit okay for a schoolgirl outfit (Halloween)?
I have the skirt for my outfit picked out (a red and black plaid skirt), but there are some things I can't decide between. Like:
Polo versus button-up shirt
Tights versus knee-high socks
Mary Janes (which I don't have) versus clogs (which I do have)

Thanks in advance!
knee highs
mary janes
What should I wear on the first day of school - my usual style is punk but I might tone it down?
I usually wear kind of pink/white tattered dresses with tights and black doc martens. the name of the style is actually "kinderwhore" but I wear a lot of gothic lolita/punk clothes to. It's my first day of sophomore year in high school, and most people are used to my weird style, but I don't want to scare new guys. I was thinking I might wear my black/white striped shirt, my black tutu, and black heels, which is normal for me (so it wouldn't look like I was dressing different then usual) but I was also deciding between a black schoolgirl dress and black converses, or a pink sweater and denim shorts and converse. I usually curl my hair and make it kind of messy, but I might just curl it normally. What do you think I should do?
It shouldn't matter how others perceive you, you should just be yourself and wear what you like. If new guys don't like you, then they aren't worth being friends with anyway. I actually think that your style sounds interesting, like a good form of expression. In high school, I was a little blonde goth girl and people thought I was crazy, but I also made friends because of my 'weirdness', so you never really know.

I think that any of the outfits you have described will work. Just go with whatever you like and don't worry about scaring off new guys, haha.
Hen night - sexy schoolgirl?
Hi, I have a hen night soon and we have all do dress up as sexy schoolgirls, I hate dressing up! gonna get a short black skirt shirt and tie but do I wear tights or socks? (Id rather wear tights) what would look best ?, tips would b good thanks x
Tights, I personally think guys find tights sexier than socks, and you won't be as self concious knowing your legs are covered up. This will probably look more mature and classy as well. Be sure to do it with a nice short pleated skirt.
Ok i lost a huge bet now i have to give out pics of me in a dress to whoever requests them?
Should i send out pics of:
A= Me in a schoolgirl dress (blue and white checkered)
B= Me in a pink dress
C= Me in a short pink dress
D= Black top, Black Skirt, Black Tights (pink panties)
E= Purple Skirt.
F= A and B
G= C and D
H= Miniskirt of sorts and pink top.
I= E and H
J = All of the above.

PS if you want the pics im a teenager, email me at
PPS all photos will include panties and a bra.
A and C
Halloween costumes? which one...? PLEASE HELP?
im 13 years old and i cant decide which costume would be better:
(without tights?)
(without knee highs?)

Be santa Claus
Girls - sissy neds help? ?
girls please can i ask advice?
i am a 40s sissy male who loves dressing as a girl fully and am going out on a first date with a man later this week......god i need help?

the guy wants me to dress in a schoolgirl uniform for him....i have bought a full one just like the local girls wear a navy skirt which i am thinking of shortening.....its knee length at moment?.....with a white blouse and maroon coloured jumper with school badge and maroon blazer!! if going out with a man dressed in their uniform should i wear white knee socks or navy tights? have black ballet pumps so look a bit smaller as am tall anyway but should i wear these or heels? should i do my make up and what sort of wig should i wear........he is going to pick me up 'after school' so any advice on the bits to wear and how to act in public and in private would be welcomed....sissy melanie
I am a crossdresser, and _I_ am disturbed that you would ask this kind of question here.

i don't think it's appropriate.


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