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Is there really a "Slap *** Friday"?
Every girl at my school keeps talking about how they want the guy they like to slap their *** on friday. They told me that friday was slap *** day. I dont know the rules for this day so could someone tell me? It would help awhole lot if someone can. Also who made it up because also someone told me that the 8th graders the year before me that they made it up.
I wouldn't recommend trying to find out.
People slap my ***?!?!?
Ok so l8ly at my school ppl have came up with this thing called slap *** Friday. It's basically where guys and guys kick, slap, tap, hit or whatever u want to call it ppls butts. It is super annoying and happens every friday. Now I get smacked a lot (by boys and girls) cause I have a big ***. I try to shield my butt but when I let my guard down and turn around (haha that rhymed) I get snaked in the ***. I need help! I don't want to ruin the fun for everyone else but I am always a target. Yea and going to the teachers has already happened with some party pooper but the spanking continues. Help plz thx!
They have Slap-A*s Friday in my school. And it's gotten so bad that we get suspend if we get caught slaping each others buts. We also have Tit*y Tuesday and the girls in my school basicly tell them to back the "f*ck off or else I'll slap the sh*t of you" and that gets the boys to leave them alone. To back off.
When is it okay to slap a female's ***?
There's this pretty girl at work that lets the gays slap her ***, but I'm afraid that if I participate, she might rat me out for sexual harrassment since I'm straight and strongly attracted to her. She has long black hair, brown eye's, and big natural breasts. By the way, her and the gays at work were teasing me and asking me how big my penis was; surely, I should be able to slap her on an *** cheek or two for that offense right? Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Start playing pranks on her,(as a friend) like scaring her with toy spiders, lizards etc. that might loosen the tension between you two, then she might want to get you back.
When she gets you back, you'll turn around and touch her rack or butt, pretending you're scared.

..and lissalu, if a hot woman punched me, that will just make me harder.
A teacher said he was going to slap my ***. Do you think that's innopropriate?
The other say at school a teacher came up to me & told me he was going to slap mine & my friends asses. Is it just me or is that innopropriate? Should I tell the schools co-ordinator or just let it slide?
Despite that all the other (mainly female) answerers may disagree
i wouldn't be too judgmental on the guy as he was likely just guyding with you.

I am surprised no-one else has picked up on that likelihood...i mean come on now,
do you honestly believe that he would actually carry out this threat??..I dont think soooo!
Why do random girls slap my *** when im walking passed?
im like 15 and pretty short like 5,5 but whenever im going somewhere on my own random girls just walk passed and slap my ***, theres nothing special about me i got straight black hair and hasal eyes thats about it do any other girls do that and does it happen to any other guy or just me, i dont know wheather to be offended or take it as a compliment
they like your ***
Is it normal for a mum to slap her daughters *** and other things? (MUMS OF TEENGERAGERS NEEDED!)?
I'm currently in my older teenager years
and my mum can be quite embrassing she slaps my *** sometimes and comes up with some ridiculous nicknames and sometimes stuff she says doesn't sound right even though it could be something quite normal to say I don't trust her at all due to a traumatic experience with another family member and its scarying me I've tried asking her not to slap my *** she knows it uncomftable and she doesn't listen but when she does she like ''Oh sorry I won't slap your *** you might start thinking things'' and then I'm thinking what the hell why do you even wanna slap my ***? t doesn't help that when i was 15 she helped me figure out tampons which has now left me feeling VERY uncomfortable around her! she not strait either which adds to the fact that i'm uncomftable around her but the wierder shes got the more uncomfortable I feel about all of this.

Its killing me I don't know what to do and it upsets me PLEASE, PLEASE any advise on what to do?
It might just be the way she is and shes said before she means nothing by it but when she randomly starts slaping my *** again after she knows i have a problem with it.. I mean seriously. she's gone other blunt things like pretended to undo my bra strap when she hugged me once and also she hadn't seen me for awhile and kissed me for like 20 seconds which stunned me and i mentioned it she said she ment nothing by it and she was sorry...

Sorry and meaning nothing.. I'm still really ****** up by all this..
ITS NOT NORMAL! but i want to be able to have a normalish mother/daughter relashionship with my mum :S
that's messed up. tell a counselor or do what roy said if she tries it again. use self defense techniques.
Does your man slap your *** when its just the two of you?
What does that mean? hes not doing it in front of other people though just u and him whats it mean
I do that to my wife. It's to let her know I think she's sexy and I'm in a playful mood (if you get my drift).
Why does he always slap my ***?! 10 Points, Short read!?
I don't mind it at all, like it doesn't hurt and it is a way of flirting, but we are not dating! I like him and he knows that. But why does he do it? He has a girlfriend, but they don't even like each other, they are just friends with benefits, really.
Sometimes guys just want to see a girl's *** jiggle. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm in the same situation with a guy right now and I just asked him this question and that was his answer.
LGBT: What does it mean when a girl slap your ***?
Today during P.E I was playing basketball with my other guy friends...btw (I sucked it at lmao). The girls were playing basketball next to us.. Suddenly they stopped playing then awhile later when i didn't noticed this girl just came up to me then she slapped my *** then she run back to her friends...then they started giggling....ARRRRR I felt so violated....

It is a friendly gesture or are they just making fun?Cuz my other girl friend said that she did that to her guy friends but I mean shes hardly a friend of mine.... I just know who she is cuz of mutual friends. I mean I know this girl as a friend but i hardly talked to her nor was close to her.....

I wanna confirm about this whole thing but i can't...I can't explain why she did it O.o Do you think talking to her about it would be a bad ideaaa? -_____-

Btw I'm bi and lean more towards the guy side :D lol it better be cuz she thinks I'm cute or I'ma be pretty piss -.-
girls and guys do that just for fun
nothing to worry about
What's the "body language" behind slapping ***?
me and my girl were discussing this: girls always slap her ***...we were wondering what this really means, 'cause it can't simply mean, "i like your ***" you think girls that slap eachothers asses are gay or simply doing it for the helluv seeing what it feels like? or just a sign of compassion?
when a guy slaps her *** it means nice *** or hot or good job

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