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What's the best thing about giving a naughty schoolgirl a good spanking?
charging £500 to your MP's expenses for it
"Have you ever dressed up like a schoolgirl and got your @ss spanked?"?
I just heard/saw this on AMC which is showing "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson---now. Just wonderin'? Answer carefully and thanks!!!
I think I might be signing up for your class, teacher!

(Not really! That's NO way to reinforce learning a foreign language!)
Who is more attracted to spanking?
I am puzzled by the interest for spanking. It has even come up in some mainstream movies more recently. According to some clues, it seemed to me that most of those attracted by these fantasies are men. Nevertheless, much of the content doesn't appear to be aimed at men, for instance videos or pics about spanked schoolgirls (the models are over 18 of course...). I suppose men wouldn't enjoy much such images of schoolgirls being punished and so on.
So I wonder whether it is predominantly a male thing, or if women are equally likely to feel an interest for this sort of "evasion".
Neither gender is more or less attracted to spanking, though there is some imbalance in regards to who likes to receive and who likes to give. However, the actual interest, by itself, does not cross gender lines. I've attended several spanking parties, and had private meetings with young ladies into spanking. Considering how busy I can stay as a spanker, I would say that there is AT LEAST enough spankee females to go around. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones, but I've had my fair share of women across my lap.

Now, there is a significant gender bias in who is a spanker and who's a spankee (not counting people who do both). When at parties, there are usually more male spankers and females spankees, and less female spankers and male spankees. Not completely sure why that is, but it happens.
Which girls like spanking?
A girl I have met has asked me to spank and cane her while she dresses as a schoolgirl. I've never tried this type of role play before and want to know what I'm letting myself in for, is she going to be crazy and messed up or should I just roll with it being a weird kink/fetish? Anyone got any experience they can pass on? Ta
If you enjoy it, too, then go for it. If you don't, then tell her that she'd be better off (and have a better chance of being pleased) if she looks for someone that shares in her fetish. If you don't like spanking as much as she does, then you'll never take the time to truly get into her head like another spanko would. If she's anywhere near Florida, you can send her to me. :D
I'm trying to plan the schoolgirl role playing scenario. I need details on what to do, how to start.?
My partner and I have a very active and healthy sexual relationship. Recently he asked me to dress up as a schoolgirl, I just have no idea of what to do, I already have the outfit and everything and just need ideas on how to play it, what to do, how to start, what would be interesting to say or do, etc. We already know that I want to be spanked, but how do we get from being dressed up to being spanked. I would appreciate all your help. Thanks.
you could be a naughty student that needed a spanking damn uyou have a lucky man
My 12 yo son that thinks he's a perve cause sex is on his mind all day-how often do normal guys think of sex?
His dad is obsessed with sex and even though we live 1000 miles from him my son still is worried that he is just like him. I have found his history on the computer--he's looking at schoolgirls getting spanked and naked pictures of Britney Spears--weird or normal?
I would say kinda normal as his reaching puberty. Don't worry he will eventually calm down.
Is it weird that I enjoy being spanked and are there guys that actually enjoy spanking?
I really like to be spanked. When I ask to be spanked, guys willl usually oblige by giving be a few smacks on my behind but I want it harder and longer! I want it to be like role-playing like I'm the naughty schoolgirl and I have to be paddled. And the weird thing is that I really want it to hurt so that I'm like protesting. I like the stinging sensation and the feeling that I'm being punished. I guess I like to be dominated. The problem is where can I find a guy to fulfill this fantasy? I can tell that my boyfriend would NOT be into this at all. He just laughs when I ask to be spanked or playful smacks my rear end and that's just not enough. I also wouldn't enjoy being disciplined by my bf. I would want an older, experienced man to do it. This isn't sexual either. I responded to a classified ad where a man gives non-sexual spankings for discipline. He meets in a safe place and uses a saftey word if it's gets to be too much. I'm dying to do this! Should I?
It's not weird at all, and even so, why would you care what anyone else thinks? These are your desires and dreams so reach out and make it happen. There are multiple websites that focus on and deal with the spanking fetish, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a older gentleman who will give you what you need/crave be sure to be safe and plan before jumping into anything, but know that you are not alone in your thoughts, and if you find the right person to do this with spanking can be one of the most amazing things you can share with anyone in this world.
The schoolgirl fetish: scenerios?
My fiance loves the schoolgirl thing. He likes the idea of me being the dominant one in the scenerio. If I was the student and he was the teacher, what kind of scenerios could I do? Bonus points if you include a part where I call him a "naughty boy" and spank him with a ruler. He likes that idea.

I'm looking for some kind of outline.
Any blackmail scenario would do.
Something like: the student does something wrong, the teacher wants her to stay after school to spank *her*. But then she turns things around because she knows something of him.
And the student spanks the teacher instead.
Help i need some roleplay tips for a schoolgirl?
my boyfriend just revealed to me that hes really big on roleplay and he wants me to dress up in a schoolgirl costume. i can get the costume, but its the acting on my part im worried about.... got any good lines that'll really do it for him? what can i say that'll drive him crazy? also, do guys like to spank the school girl? what else do they like to do? yea i kno, strange question, but dont judge! serious answers here people!
thank you!!!
dont worry about the lines to say. just havin you in the outfit should get him going enough ;)
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