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Any tips on how to get pumps to stay on your stockinged feet?
I've already inserted some of those heel grips, but that only seems to work with bare skin. I'd like to be able to wear them with tights too! Any tips?
Use pads that go under the ball part of your foot. Here are some pretty ones…

Btw, you can get less expensive ones and those that are just plain which will work just as good or better. They look like this… and you can get them at the drug store, Walmart, etc.

Good luck.
Who else took off their high heels the other night for halloween and wore stockinged feet for half the night?
I know I'm not the only one.! Lol. It was hard to dance and move around other wise.
I managed to keep them on all night. But I planned ahead; I had gel padding in them, and they were only 2 1/2 inch pumps.
Who else took off their high heeled shoes tonight for Halloween and wore stockinged feet for half the night?
I know I'm not the only one! lol
not me . I stayed in my 5 inch stilettos all night long
Do any of you ladies like having your pantyhose or stocking feet massaged?
Either after work or just anytime. Do you dip your stockinged feet in and out of your shoes too?
After a long day at work I love to slip off my heels and let my stocking feet breathe. And I guess a massage would feel good.

Ps. I love pantyhose as much as you, we must talk.
Woman: Does the look of your own stockinged (nylon) feet, make you self-conscious when a guy is around?
See typ photo.…


Does this appearance make you slightly uncomfortable when in the presence of a guy that you aren't so familiar with whether because you don't like the aesthetics of it or because it looks/feels a little intimate or personal (usually they are hidden in shoes), with the transparency, the seam ?

Just something I wander as a guy. I always feel like I am privileged to a not-so-common scene when I see that and I wonder what a woman thinks.
Note: I am not asking if I've a fetish etc but how you see that part of your apparel in relation to the other gender.
Thank you
Not particularly unless they've pointed out or are blatantly staring at them.
Stockinged footed news anchors/weather girls?

does anyone know or have pictures/stories of local female news anchors or weather channel gals who broadcast in their stockinged feet?
Italian television may have a few.
What are the elements of negilience in this case?
A nurse working night shift in busy surgical ward assists an elderly post operative patient out of bed to go to the toilet. He has a history of being unsteady on feet and was wearing TED stockings. Although the nurse noticed his slippers under the bed, she omitted to assist patient to put on. He walked off in his stockinged feet, slipped and fell breaking his hip.
What are the elements of negligence and explain how each element relates to this case study?

Thanks for any help.
You have to prove:
* Duty of care
* Breach of duty
* Cause
* Damages
This article goes into the specifics of proving each of these:… Also, the specific duty of care is more broad when it comes to medical malpractice since a medical professional is expected to do certain things that would not be required of a regular person.
Hope that helps!
Have you encountered this with your boyfriend?
My boyfriend likes to smell my feet in nylons. Whether it's my nylon stockinged feet or stockings or nylon socks he seems to enjoy inhaling the aroma. This only happens when I wear nylons. Not with my bare feet or socks.
Has this happened to you?
Do you like it? I kind of like the way it turns him on.
in my oppinon thats odd haha
my bf doesnt do that lol
i think nylons do have a unigue smell to them but i dont make a big deal about it and sniff ppls feet! ahahaha
if u like it and it doesnt bother u let him sniff away
if hes smelling yr feet and liking it! that means hes pretty comfortable with telling u stuff. and u need to knw who he is as a person in yr relationship =]
What does"Put yourself in my shoes" mean?
I have heard this saying so often.
Last week I was having an argument in the street with somebody and they said "You should put yourself in my shoes". As their shoes looked very expensive I did. Then I ran off shouting as I went "your wrong and I am right!". Not only did I get the last word and win the argument(it was difficult for them to catch me in their stockinged feet), I gained a particularly nice pair of shoes.
To put yourself in their perspective (their point of view)

You know what it means, you're just a a s s hole. who needs a a s s whipping.

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