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Are there any clubs where couples to go to have sex and not have it be a swingers club?
My husband and I are looking to do something different and I know there are clubs where you can go to for swingers but we just want to go to have sex with each other and have others watch us if they want but not join. Is there any such thing and anywhere near Phoenix, AZ?
Haha. Just post something on Craigslist. Im sure there are creepy desperate people who would love to watch you have sex with your husband.
Have any of you been to a couples club? Now my wife is wanting to go to couple clubs.?
I would normally want to go to swingers clubs but since I am impotent, I would not be able to perform should a wife want to hookup with me.

Just curious, have any of you tried this lifestyle and what was it like?
You can always go to a club just to see if you like the atmosphere or not. You will not be forced to do anything you don't want to do. If just your wife wants to play, I'm sure you could find that. If your wife wants to play, and you want to watch, you'll find that also. If you both want to play with a couple, and only have oral or manual sex with the lady, well, you will find that also. There are many variaties of couples that attend these clubs, and you'll find the right match. In the event you don't, then just enjoy the atmosphere, and being with the partner that you love. If nothing else, you've probably just attended a great party, and met some nice people.

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for some time now, and have a great time with it.
Swinger clubs for couples is it cool?
If your bf takes you to a swinger club does that mean he does not love or respect you.
There are lots of reasons that couples go to a swingers club, and they do not necessarily mean that they wish to swing.

For one, many people enjoy watching others particpate in sexual activities, another reason is that he may wish to be watched.

A swingers club is also a place where it is possible to have your wife/gf dress very sexily, and still be safe and many men simply enjoy the freedom of being able to enjoy her when she is feeling very sexy - which is a strong turn on for men BTW.

It may be that he is interested in exploring the lifestyle.

Have you discussed swinging or bringing another woman or man into your bed? If so, a swingers club is certainly the most efficient way to find someone to join you.

Before going please make sure that you have an open discussion with him about why he wants to go, and what his expectations are.

You REALLY need to develop some code words and signals to let each other know when you are interested in someone, when you are not interested in someone, when you are uncomfortable, and when you need to scream "GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

As an example, my wife and I have a defined code phrase of "I need a cigarette", whenever one of us says this NO MATTER WHAT the other person is doing, they stop and we go talk - even if we are actively "engaged" with another person.

Naturally this phrase does not work in all situations, so we also developed touch codes - for example, 2 quick squeezes means "we need to talk".

Sometimes it is a simple change of wording "I want a drink" means "I'm not interested in this person or these people" while "I NEED a drink" means "I'm interested".

You have to work your own phrases and codes out.

If your initial discussion reveals that your boyfriend is interested in swinging, you MUST develop a set of rules in order to be successful. Rules allow each of you to understand each other's comfort levels, interests and "sore spots", and without a good set of rules, you will almost definitely suffer jealousy, and anger, and being uncomfortable.

Please review the series of articles on rule setting and usage located at:

First and foremost, you and your boyfriend need to have a VERY open discussion about this. If you cannot have this discussion - you are not ready to swing.
Where could I find a swingers club in the Chicagoland area for couples and singles?
My wife and I have great sex together and have talked about looking for a swingers club in the Chicagoland area. We have no idea how it works or where to begin looking. I asked about singles as well because we have also talked about trying it on our own.
craigslist chicago.

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