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What kind of underwear should a teenage boy wear under swimtrunks if it's hard to conceal boners?
Should he wear dri-fit material, polyester, etc.?

And if you don't want to wear a speedo or uncomfortable underwear, what other options are out there?
Wear a jockstrap or a swim jock. They are made of material that dries out quickly, unlike underwear, and you don't have an extra layer of fabric under your trunks. Jocks typically were worn with swim trunks, before they started to put in those annoying mesh liner things, which don't give enough support, or hide erections.
What is the best type of underwear for a teenage boy?
im 13 and i have no clue what type of underwear to wear and all my friends wear boxers, or boxerbriefs.
Well it depends what you find most comfortable, but usually most guys wear boxers or boxer briefs
What is the best type of underwear for a teenage boy to wear?
I'm a mid-teen and i was wondering what the best type of underwear for a guy to wear is
Boxer briefs.......tighty whities are what i wear.... But u get made fun of cuz of them......boxers are for guys who have small balls and need no support. I would go with briefs if u want maximum comfort but to be socially exceptable I would go with boxerbriefs! Girls also find boxerbriefs to look better on guys
Best kind of underwear for teenage boy?
i am 15 and a freshman in high school. I was wondering what the best kind of underwear is for me.
boxers or boxer briefs
Can you tell if a teenage boy is gay by the colour of their underwear?
I was just curious about this because this guy in my class looks gay and acts gay. He always wears boxers that are like the bright and colourful pinks, blues and purples. One or two other people wear that type of colours etc. I was just asking, thanks.
i only now what colour underwear he has because we are in the same sports class.
they are really tight on him, is that a sign.
should i wear tight underwear.
any advice please!!!!!!!!!!
yeah maybe he is gay !!! if you like him wear something colorful. maybe you guys can hang out.
Where can teenage boys buy some designed underwear in the UK? I have Topman atm but want different brands...?
I got a voucher for Topman a few months ago and decided to buy some of their trunks/hipsters with crazy designs on them. They are the most comfortable underwear and really good for sagging with. I now want to go out and buy some more like them, but maybe cheaper than Topman ones. Can you suggest any other brands like that? Colour/design and style (apart from loose boxers!) is not an issue.
All underwear is designed, otherwise it would just be a roll of cloth.

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