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Where can I buy a petite women's leather motorcycle jacket?
I am short (5'3") but I really want a leather motorcycle jacket.
Try this
Where can i buy a classic leather motorcycle jacket? (For Women)?
like this one?


like with all the detail and stuff, silver zippers, the things on the shoulders, everything exactly like that!!

i'm in love with leather jackets and i found one at victoria's secret but it's like a million bucks lol

I was looking for this jacket too, it was also worn by kristen stewart in runaways. I found these custom leather jacket makers and showed them the photos and they said they can make it. Because of some personal stuff I had to drop the idea of jacket but I guess you can go to these guys and ask them to make you one exactly like that. there site is, www.ecustomleatherjackets.com/
As far as women's motorcycle jackets go...?
I like the look of a leather jacket and I want one with a lot of padding/armor/whatever, but I really hate the idea of leather and I'd feel like such a jerk and hypocrite if I bought and wore one. So is there such thing as a faux leather women's motorcycle jacket that would give me just as much protection as real leather? Also, where might I find something like this? Thanks :)
I don't own a leather jacket. I wear textile riding gear. The gear has served me well. I too agree that a rider needs to be concerned with protection verses fashion.
Take a look at the selection offered at New Enough. Good folks to deal with and a good exchange policy.
Where can i get a fake leather women's motorcycle jacket that is not over $100?
I have been looking everywhere and they are either extremely exprensive, or they are not in stock
try ebay or overstock. thats where i get a lot of my stuff for low prices.
Where can i buy a leather or faux leather motorcycle jacket with zippers? (women's)?
preferably from a reputable store, not like leather world or whatever, and not ebay...thanks and not too pricey please! thanks!
i found that at this website in the past www.brandonlinestore.com/ maybe you can have a try ,by the way ,which is a free shipping online store .
Who likes the leather motorcycle jackets that are out this fall?
Do you think women look good in them? Or do they look like dirty biker chicks?
you can wear it with dark colors you know and get a biker chick look. if you wear it with a red or grey top underneath you get a edgy look. if you wear it with a pink top underneath ( light pink ) you get a sassy/sweet look. I have 1, i wear it everywhere. yup, hope i helped.
Where can I find women's leather jackets?
I don't mean dressy jackets, I mean motorcycle jackets. Preferably brown black or grey. I'm looking for some I can go to the store to try on. And I'm in Canada, btw. I'd prefer them to be a good price, but that's not a priority.

I don't know whether it will help you or not, You can have a try in:
If you can't find what you need you can shopping in store.
Motorcycle textile vs leather jacket safety?
I was thinking of what motorcycle jacket to buy i know that leather is safe and will protect me in the case if i fell off but i don't really like leather and prefer a textile jacket will that still protect me the one i was thinking of getting was a shift racing jacket this is what it looks like and features of it (www.mxmegastore.com/SHIFT-Flare-Women-s-Motorcycle-Jackets-p/Shift-Flare-Womens-Jacket.htm ) Thank you for your help, i wont be racing its just for protection
You are asking questions about a street garment.

This section is for RACING bikes.

Your question would be better suited to the Street Bike section of Yahoo Answers.

You can find the Street Bike section under Transport, Here : answers.yahoo.com/dir/index;_ylt=…

This section is for Motorcycle RACING.

Good luck, I’m sure the users in the Street section will help you out.
Should I wear thigh high boots with short shorts and a black leather classic motorcycle jacket. I am a CD?
My name is Karl and I am a 44 year old gay crossdresser who has a high heeled boot fetish. I am wondering if it is a good idea to wear my black leather thigh high boots 5 inch stiletto heels, short shorts, women's black leather classic motorcycle jacket, long blonde haired wig(down the middle of my back, and a white satin cami underneath with my 44C bra. I would like to hear from women and men. Thank you for your consideration.
I don't think it sounds that bad but if your male crossdresser people are going to be looking at you strangely anyway.
I think that if you want to wear it then wear it!!!
How can I make my leather motorcycle jacket white?

I need to be more visible on my bike, and the reflectors aren't doing it. I have a couple of black leather jackets, and I'd like to make at least one of them white. Does anyone know how I can change the color? Can it be bleached out without braking down the sturdy structure of the jacket? Can it be spray painted (and still look decent)? Will white sneaker "polish" (looks more like white paint to me) change the color to white, or just grey it?

Or, can you recommend a good source of reliable (and affordable) white, women's, motorcycle gear?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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